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- Basic considerations
- Coordinate numbering for master data
- Coordinate posting groups and dimensions with financial accounting
- Make decisions on price/discount policy


- Setting up No. Series
- Setting up customer price & discountgroups
- Setting up Posting Groups
- Setting up Dimensions
- Setting up Salesperson codes
- General setup


- General information
- Address and contact information
- Billing and payment information
- Delivery information
- Price and discount information
- Dimension information

Data transfer / migration

If you plan to transfer data from another system, you will receive information on how to prepare the necessary configuration packages in order to then import the master data such as .B customer data with the secondary tables.

Reporting / Analysis

Here you will find content for evaluating your data and links to various statistics / analysis.


Watch various training/learning videos to deepen topics such as:
- Managing Customer Data
- No. Series Management
- Working with Dimensions
- Setup Posting Groups
- Managing Customer related Prices
- Managing Customer related Discounts
- Setup Salesperson Codes
- Migrating Data


After completing this project, you will be able to:

  • Create a Customer
  • Change Customer data
  • Import/migrate Customer
  • Create and Manage Posting groups
  • Create and Manage Numberseries
  • Create and Manage Dimensions
  • Use Customer Analysis and Statistics
  • Create and Manage Customer prices and discounts
  • Import Customer pictures


11.0 hours



This training and setup project is delivered via the COSMO Digital Consultant App. Installation of the app is a prerequisite to using the project and its contents.

Recommended training:

  • BC2GO – Business Central Basics
  • BC2GO – Digital Consultant


Supported Countries

Business Central Localization: Germany, W1

Languages: English, German


Why Digital Consultant?

We gather the best information and best practices so you don't have to spend time to look for information from the vast world of the internet. We use the years of experience we have working with different clients to give you only the steps you need, from start to finish. We keep our solutions up-to-date with all the latest versions coming out. Prefer to watch a video? working better with text? we have it all, you choose what works best for you. No need to wait for a consultant to be available, you do it at your own pace.


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