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- Basic considerations
- Coordinate numbering for master and transaction data
- Coordinate posting groups and Dimensions with Financial Accounting


- Define number series
- Enter dimensions for later evaluations
- Transferroutes / Transit Location
- Basic sales setup


BC2GO - Managing Items (2022)
- Location
- Warehouse Employee
- Bin


BC2GO - Managing Physical Inventory (2022)
- Transfer Orders
- Transfer Journals
- Item Journals
- Reconcile Inventory costs

Reporting / Analysis

Here you will find content for evaluating your data and links to various statistics / analyses.


Watch various training/learning videos to deepen the topics covered.





After completing this project, you will be able to:


Create, change and migrate Items

Process a physical Inventory

Manage and create Locations

Create and Manage Posting groups

Create and Manage Number series

Create and Manage Dimensions

Manage and create Bins

Create and Manage Transfer Orders

Process inventory adjustment

Adjust Inventory manually

Post Items transfer manually

Create Inventory analysis and Statistics




30.2 hours


This training and setup project is delivered via the COSMO Digital Consultant App. Installation of the app is a prerequisite to using the project and its contents.

Recommended training:

  • BC2GO – Business Central Basics
  • BC2GO – Digital Consultant

Supported Countries

Business Central Localization: Germany, W1

Languages: English, German


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