Product Description

Data-based intelligence for ERP systems

Manual planning can hardly be managed without digital aids. Large product ranges, fluctuating demand, fast markets, high cost pressure, demanding customers and well-developed supplier networks make it almost impossible to update data manually every day and prepare it transparently for all stakeholders in the company. Often, in the end, nobody knows whether orders are on time, whether the ordered quantity has been calculated correctly, whether the price is the lowest and whether supplier conditions have been used to the fullest extent possible. With the Intelligent-ERP-Suite and its Intelligent Assistants you can perfectly balance all options for action and get well-founded and better information for decision making. This ranges from suggestions for orders to the early recognition of bottlenecks in production or out-of-stock situations. For example, forecasting capabilities for demand planning help to avoid surprises. The Intelligent-ERP-Suite expands the classic ERP performance spectrum. It enables companies to use ERP data stored in the system to simplify complex decisions - for example in areas such as materials management, manufacturing or sales.